Vision and Mission

Smriti Agrawal in Lake Louise

My vision for this type of transformational teaching is to support willing individuals to awaken to both, their inner bag of golden self-awareness which exists in everyone, so they may fully “see/feel” their inner-empowerment. As well as to their inner bag of manure that contains fake-ego beliefs and stories that many keep close, assuming it provides security in survival.

Our generational conditioning has taught us to keep fearful, fake ego-beliefs close so as to have a “successful” life. I believe as we awaken, we learn to trust life fully and generate transformational awareness of personal energetics and healing, so that together we fall into the interconnectedness that moves our consciousness from ego to spiritual self.

In Spirit-consciousness humans rely on kindness, peace and joy as default emotions for themselves and the external world; moving from a state of contraction to fully living in the expansion of the present moment. This allows us to keeping growing the spiritual parts of our selves so we can be better parents, siblings, partners, employers, employees, neighbors, human beings.

Through my workshops and guided meditations my mission is to reach out to students and teachers alike in every walk of life to align with the need to “awaken” so we may transcend human ego-created fear-based suffering and fall into the pure joy of living. In turn, raise the collective consciousness of humankind and start to really live and to transform into the kindness and peace that we each have naturally been gifted with.

Join me in this transformative process, so we may spread this vision and mission like wildfire, so humanity may awaken from the false belief that they are mere flesh forms who yo-yo between helpless suffering victims to tyrannical controlling monsters. In a way that human-beings may fully transform into their true expanded and inertly powerful interconnected loving nature.